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Historical Local Policy Statements (LPS)

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Document Effective Rescinded Format
LPS 3-01 Factors to be Considered in Arriving at a Decision that a Natural Resource Property Has Sufficient Merit to Justify an Expenditure Thereon of Risk Capital Derived From Public Subscription [Rescinded] 1987-02-01 1999-06-24 ---
LPS 3-02 Prospectus Filing Requirements [Lapsed] 1991-02-04 1995-01-06 ---
LPS 3-02 Prospectus Filing Requirements [Lapsed] 1995-01-06 1996-01-01 ---
LPS 3-02 Prospectus Filing Requirements [Rescinded] 1996-01-01 2000-01-01
LPS 3-03 Requirements re Filing of Preliminary Prospectuses and Prospectuses (National Issues) [Rescinded] 1987-02-01 1999-06-24 ---
LPS 3-04 Guidelines for Technical Reports on Non-Natural Resources Properties and Program Proposals Which are the Subject of Funding on Prospectuses and other Statements of Material Facts Submitted for Receipting by the Superintendent of Brokers [Rescinded] 1987-02-01 1995-01-06 ---
LPS 3-05 Rights Offerings to Shareholders [Rescinded] 1987-02-01 2001-07-25 ---
LPS 3-06 Prospectus Guidelines for the Mortgage Investment Issuer [Rescinded] 1987-02-01 2001-01-31 ---
LPS 3-07 Policy Guidelines Respecting Trading Shares, Performance Shares and Other Consideration [Rescinded] 1990-03-01 2001-01-31
LPS 3-12 [Revised] Rules for Proceedings [Rescinded] 1990-02-01 1999-06-24 ---

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