Frequently Asked Questions about Filing Fees

What are the financial statement filing fees for an issuer under a cease trade order?
For the financial statements that are referred to in the cease trade order, the fees are:

  • Interim financial statements: $500
  • Annual financial statements: $1100

For any other financial statements (i.e., ones not referred to in the cease trade order), the regular fees apply (including late filing fees, if applicable).

What is the fee for filing financial statements?
For statements filed on time (for late filings see below), the fees are as follows:

  • Interim financial statements: no fee
  • Annual financial statements - reporting issuer: $600

If the issuer files late what happens? The issuer will appear on the List of Issuers in Default, the issuer will be required to pay $800 in filing fees for annual financial statements and $200 in filing fees for interim financial statements, and the issuer will be subject to potential cease trade order without further notice.


Is there a fee for filing a technical report triggered by a material change to the mineral resource estimates on a mineral property material to the company?
No, the technical report fee requirement applies only to the filing of a technical report with a prospectus, AIF, or reactivation.


What is the fee for filing a technical report with a prospectus, AIF or an application to vary or revoke a cease trade order?
$500 per report. If more than one report is filed with the applicable document the fee is $500 for each report. Refer to Fee Schedule, item 13.


What is the fee for filing a mutual fund prospectus?
There are two components to this fee: a flat fee of $1,500 per fund at the time of filing a pro forma or preliminary prospectus, and an additional percentage fee of 0.02% (0.01% for money market funds) based on the proceeds raised in British Columbia by each fund under the prospectus to the extent it exceeds the flat fee previously paid on filing the pro forma or preliminary prospectus. This fee will usually be paid approximately one year later when the proceeds raised under the prospectus are known. Ref: Securities Regulation s. 22(1) New window11-901F, Fee checklist.