Corporate Services

John Hinze, Director, Corporate ServicesJohn Hinze

Corporate Services staff provides human resources, information, financial, and facilities management that maximize Commission effectiveness.

Human Resources - leads recruiting, corporate training, employee relations, and succession plan. HR staff manages benefits, payroll, employee engagement and wellness initiatives. They develop and maintain HR policies, including those for performance and compensation management.

Information Management - manages inquiries and complaints, maintains and enhances our websites, and manages information requests from the public. They make information accessible to Commission staff, including administering information sources and conducting research, and managing and safeguarding Commission records.

Information Technology - develops, manages, and supports key national and local systems to advance our regulatory work.

Project Management Office - maintains internal project management expertise to guide us through change projects. PMO staff coordinates our business continuity plan.

Finance and Facilities - manages the financial affairs and facilities of the Commission with responsibilities that include purchasing, accounting,  budgeting, financial reporting, and maintaining and safeguarding Commission facilities.