Compliance Toolkit

The compliance toolkit provides registrants with easy access to frequently requested information about the rules and regulations that govern their day-to-day operations. This is an initiative of the Capital Markets Regulation division to ensure that our registrants have the necessary tools for compliance.   

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Please note that these materials have not been reviewed for consistency with the rules and policies of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada or the Mutual Fund Dealers Association. Please contact your governing self-regulatory organization if you have any questions about their rules and policies.

Contact the BCSC Examiners

Adviser/IFM Team Dealer Team
Janice Leung
(604) 899-6752
Mark French
(604) 899-6856
Edwin Leong
Senior Compliance Analyst 
(604) 899-6682
Grace Yu
Senior Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6614
Jonathan Lee
Senior Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6670
Shamira Esmail
Senior Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6815
David Rajanayagam
Senior Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6532
Stacey Reddick
Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6734
Grace Chan
Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6697
Victor Lai
Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6691
Colleen Ng
Compliance Analyst
(604) 899-6651
Shirley Manikiam
Administrative Assistant
(604) 899-6667
Lena Lew
Administrative Assistant
(604) 899-6650