Christine Maria Cerisse; Laurence Frederick Austin, also known as Lawrence Frederick Austin; Thomas John Sadler; Executive Director

Date Opened:
Hearing Type:
False or misleading statements to the commission; Illegal distribution; Manipulation/Misleading trading; Misrepresentation
Hearing held; Submissions complete; Findings rendered; Submissions pending
Hearing Dates:
2015-10-06; 2016-04-11 - 2016-04-13; 2016-04-15; 2016-08-23;
Nigel P Cave - Chair, Judith Downes, Don Rowlatt
Please Note:
Hearing concluded. The Panel issued its findings on January 31, 2017. The parties' submissions on sanctions are due March 17, 2017.

Notices & Decisions

Date Issued Document Type Description
2017-02-03 News release News release - Findings
2017-01-31 Findings 2017 BCSECCOM 27
2015-09-21 Notice Hearing Notice - Adjournment, 2015 BCSECCOM 356
2015-08-24 Notice of hearing Notice of hearing, 2015 BCSECCOM 327
2015-08-24 News release News release